lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Thank you Beckers!!

My working years in Osaka were finished, and with them my wildest time in Japan, the running ups and downs in the arched streets of Osaka, my bicycle, my comrades, the charmy familiar restaurants, the Kansai people, everything was left one rainy night when I had to go to Tokyo for my new and better paid job.

Just in one day, my style of life changed dramatically, even If I was in the same country, soon I realized that Tokyo and Osaka were two different universes, Osaka was a concentrated space that was designed for bicycles, everybody rode them, and Tokyo a huge area, surrounded by dormitory towns, where life was unthinkable without the local trains and metros, Osaka was the chaos, with its crazy arcades, and chanels, people there lived freely in the messy streets and socialize in the pubs, restaurants, Isakayas and terraces, but Tokyo, was the order a busier metropoli, where people didnt speak too much to each others wore suits, and went to cafeterias,chain food shops, mostly alone, for studying, reading or playing games.

Soon I realized that in a highly populated and stressfull city like Tokyo It was Important to find a private public space, an own area to sit down after the job and rest from the commuting trains, the crowd and the asfalt, thats how I discovered Beckers, a wooden cafeteria located underneath's Fujisawa Station.

During two years, Beckers was my bubble, my oxigen tank, my bunker, my reading place my short scape from the multitudinous solitude of Tokio, every morning I get off the first train (I had to take three to get to my job!), and I fought against the crowd to reach Becker's door, once I entered in the place I was saved, the best English breakfast was waiting for me, a crunchy well made toast, fried bacon from the finest quality, scramble egg with some ketchup, and a tasted hot coffee in winter or a huge refreshing ice coffee in Summer, on Sundays I went there to read my favorite newspaper "The Japan Times" and to eat the burguer menus, with chilli sauce, fried potatoes and ice cola.

But the best thing about Becker's was its location, just underneath of the train station, in front of the sotetsu line, in the middle of the busy crowd but protected from the crowd, inside the cafeteria everybody was relax, listening the classical music, but through the windows you could see the twisted faces running to catch the trains, trying to be in time for their jobs, jumping through the upstairs to reach the station, aahhhh at that time how good was to be inside Becker's.

Thanks Becker's for those tasted delicacies, specially the breakfast, the big ice coffees and overall for have given me a good break-time space during my time in Tokyo's jungle.