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Unknown Rant from ground zero (2005)

Here I am in the desert Aberdeen, seagull's land, greenish wilderness, fresh ocean of grass, Is it summer??, is it summer in Europe??, does exist summer? could you answer me??, excuse me my dear fellows, for all these questions at this insolent moment of the night, but you know, five years ago I arrived to these northern land, where summers are short, and the sun rises once or twice a month, that I forgot how smells the summer, I forgot how It looks like, I forgot Its taste too, because just an idiot can call these frozen days in Aberdeen 'summer', what a joke,nooooo my dears, everybody knows that in Aberdeen there is just one season, THE EVERLASTING WINTER, exactly my international friends, today August 5th of 2005 we have in Aberdeen a very nice temperature, 11.6 °C, yes you read well my dear, I said nice, I will say again NICE, and I will pray to the Aberdonian frozen gods to keep the weather like that until my departure to the japans, and don't get worst, because at list It's not raining hahahaha!.

Anyway, shall we forget about the weather for a while, because the purpose
of this email is to inform you my dear buddies about my current
situation, firstly, I do apologize because I didn't write to you before during the past few years, and I do apologize too because instead of writing to each one of you I am writing one shared email, just the almighty knows how I hate the shared
tipical emails, like love greetings, save the world ones or the tipical questions for predict your future, in my opinion emails of different kinds should be sent from one
single person to another, to keep this warmed feeling that arises when one
person writes to another, anyway, never there is a reasonable reason for
sending a shared email, and if there is one for this, should be because I
will be in Aberdeen for a very short time, less than three days, and it
would take me ages to write an email to each one of you.

I don't want to lie myself, the main reason for this long and boring email
is emotional rather than logical, I think. My dears, I have spent four crazy and interesting years in Aberdeen, I have met people from diferent nationalities, I have sung flamenco with an italian orchestra man who played the armonica and calls himself 'The Picaro italiano', I have met a beautiful flemish with grey eyes and warmed heart, I used to have supper with a giant from the frozen Finland, I have shared with a luxembourger endless meetings smoking and drinking coffee, luxembourger, who is without any doubt, one of the most pacient and comprensives persons that I have never ever met in all my entire life, by the way 'donde, donde Dondelinger estas???, I have sung 'Ooh joe Banana' in shorts with a stylish belgian
guy, I have smoked joints until the dawn with three modern greeks, I have
broken walls for hours in a shitty job with a chinese friend from Macao, I have worked in a spanish shit~hole restaurant called 'La Tasca' I have met an incredible and wised japanese who showed me the true meaning of the friendship, I have learned a
basic knowledge of japanese SAKEGAAAA TARINEIINNN DAIOOOOOOOO!!!!! wich
means 'more sakeeeee noooowww'.

And after all this crazy adventures, affairs, and missfortunes in the land
of the Scots, Here I am, as If I arrived yesterday, in front of one computer screen (at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, one hour more in my dear Spain), writing to you from the first place where I arrived in Aberdeen, from the nucleo of the tale, from the
Matrix, from the start of the book, from the Hillhead, like the Quijote at
the end of the book I returned to the beginning of the story, I believe that
this is in fact the meaning of life, the neverending search for finding the
truth outside the mother, and finally find the mother again, and this is
indeed the final chapter of my story in Aberdeen, at the of the day just one
story no better or worst than another, no better no worst than my next one
in the land of the Japans, with maybe diferent characters and diferent

But the adventure must continue my friends, and this urchin granadine says
good bye to everybody, but one good bye very short, hoping that our paths
will cross again, if the Wheel of fortune wishes.

Pd: but why I started this boring e-mail complaining about the aberdonian
weather, why?, because I came to Aberdeen without any stone in my pockets,
and Aberdeen gave me many nice things, friends, love and experiences, TO THE
HELL WITH THE FUCKING WEATHER, I am a very lucky guy for having met people
like you, I love all of you.



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