domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Japanese Macudonarudo

Spain is probably one of the few countries on the planet where Macdonalds didn't put their greedy tentacles, they tried several times to spread their fast and addictive food, but they always fail. In a country with a strong bar culture and where everybody eats bocadillos (Spanish word for sandwiches, this american franchise didn't have any future. On the opposite, Japan and specially Tokyo area, with a huge influence of American culture, was the perfect nest to place macdonalds shops everywhere. I have to say that It was when I came to Japan when I became addicted to this shitty, plastic food, In Kanto area Its difficult to avoid this kind of places, they are in everywhere, and some of the locations are on the best parts of Tokyo, where you can have a synthetic meal for a small amount of money. Ok, Ok, I know, I know, the location doesnt justified the fact that you are eating shit. I don't know, maybe was a combination of loneliness, huge publicity, and stupidity the reason I started to go there once week, or maybe because is crap, but taste delicious, bastards!!. One day, I was there eating my chicken burguer menu, when I look around I saw a lot of young guys, maybe around 22 or 27, with japanese you never guess, probably young salarymen, I realized that absolutely nobody was communicating to each other, but all of them where playing games or using the movil, absolutely nobody spoke, their smiles came from the latest game or just the new tool in the mobil phone, the worst thing was that in the middle of the scene, was a Spanish guy in almost in the middle of his thirties, in the middle of Tokyo, sketching this weird scene, somehow I had the feeling that I was watching the future of other places, where people communicate every year less, and loneliness start to became a relevant issue. I have to say that Japanese Macdonalds have some positive aspects, on the contrary that here in Europe, some of them, specially in the big cities they are opened 24 hours, and the coffee that doesn't taste good, is hot and cheap, just 100 yen, less than a euro. Japanese winter is really harsh, and those Macdonalds are warmed places for beggars where they can stay the whole night and drink hot coffee for a cheap prize, otherwise they would be freezing in the streets. The staff there, mostly young japanese students working part-time, they leave alone the costumers, no matter if they dress armani or wear just rags. I remember a couple of times, one in London and another in Belgium where I had to leave my acommodation very early in the night to take a plane that took off several hours later and I had to wait in the streets because there werent any place open, at those moments It would have been nice to have one of those warmed macdonalds that abound in Tokyo.

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