martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Yucca aloifolia

I came back from Japan one month ago, to visit my parents here in Spain, they live in a very nice rural area in the South of Granada, in a very small town close to thr Mediterranean Sea, really beautiful, but no many neighbours around, even this paradise can be quite boring for an urban creature like me, used to live in mega-cities like Yokohama or Osaka, there is no urban places here to draw, just few cottages.

I find the garden of my mother the most beautiful thing here, she has plants from many parts of the world here, that grows quite well thanks to the blessed mediterranean weather, I feel like I can travel to many parts of the world when I am in the garden of my parent's house, forgetting for a while that I am in trapped residential area hundred kilometers away from the main city Granada.

I found this plant quite interesting, I asked my mother what was the name and where It came from, she told me that It is a palm tree originally from Canary Islands, but in the wikipedia I found that is a kind of Yucca, originally from the New Continent, America and the Caribbean sea.

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