sábado, 2 de julio de 2011


This is my first sketch in this hot July in South Spain. Today, I went to Granada city to buy some books, and after that, I tried to sketch some buildings but I wasnt inspired at all, unlike Japan, where I think is easier to sketch, in Granada the feelings and sensations are all around, so its quite difficult to focus and start sketching, so I gave up that day, and I decided to just walk through the beautiful city, but when I arrived to the Cathedral's Square I saw tourists everywhere, they were from everywhere, north europeans, some of them looked from east Europe, japanese...etc I found quite interesting to observe the different characters and styles, some of them were sitting on the terraces of the rerstaurants, but some of them were just sitting on the thick stairs of the square, like myself, finally the inspiration came and I drew few characters.

I found the sketch unfinished, so i drew two more tourist when I was waiting inside the bus Station to go back to my parent's house in the coast of Granada, an old man, north european for his look, and a young asian girl, of course they came separatly, but they were the only people sitting right in front of me, very convenient to sketch.

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