domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Sketching japanese Part 1

Lately I have been coloring my old people sketches in Japan. In the last few months I have been starting to use watercolours with my ink sketches, so I thought It was a good practice.

The page on the left are people drawn in Yokohama, the first one a young mother with her baby, second is a young salaryman and the third one is an old man reading the paper.

The second page, this one was inside of a small mcdonald in Tokyo at 2:00 o'clock, my friend Chris and me after drinking we went there to eat something, he entered at the same time of us, and after he finished his burguer, we suddenly realize that he felt sleep in that strange position, he should be really tired, I took a picture and I drew him because the position seemed physically impossible.

The next one is a young woman reading a book at Kinokuniya bookstore, the next is a woman taking a walk with her mini-dog, and the last one is a salaryman sleeping in the train.

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