domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

El Castillo de Salobreña

Yesterday instead of going to the beach, I went out for drawing, the day was clear here and the castle's view from my house was impresive, finally I got the inspiration, so I took my pencils and I went to a near hill to draw the castle of Salobreña, the main monument here.

From the X century, the arab sources give information about that castle, It seems clear that It was built for defensive reasons.

In the Nazari period, It was used a palace, and also as a royal castle to lock up defeated kings, and many muslim monarchs suffered prison inside its walls

In 1489 Salobreña surrended to the christian armies who took the control over the castle and the city, three years before The Conquest of Granada , Francisco Ramirez de Madrid was appointed as the castle's gobernor by the Catholic Kings. And the castle was an important defensive building for the spaniards until the XVIII century.

The castle belongs to the Nazari style,k a mixture of musulman and christian influence, the entire structure is nazari, but two of the towers were built by the christians in the XV century, and they have a typically castilian style.

After the XVIII century the castle became in ruins, and in 1849 is abandoned because it was militarly useless.

In the XIXS century is reformed again, and today is one of the most visited buildings in the south of Granada.

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