jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Bentencho: Iron and dust

Bentencho is a dark area in the south of Osaka, the last redouct of civilization before the deserts of polygon states. There, the locals survive comfortably among blocks of asfalt, iron bridges and a huge elevated road that divide the area in two. This area is one of the most poluted in Osaka, due to the small factories of carbon and metal, not very good for asthmatics like me, flowers and tree always are covered by dark dust. The place looks totally stuck in a more flourishing past, where all those arcades and metallic structures one day were part of the biggest market town in Japan, Osaka, today replaced by Yokohama. In those days, nobody knows how, Bentencho still working, who knows which telluric energy moves its rusty strings. Oxide bridges, arcades in older days vibrant markets, today fall apart, covered by dampness and metal corrosion, like the testimony of a wealthy past. Bentencho was my echo-system during my almost three years in Osaka, luckily, I found a guide, a comrade in this metallic, decadent science fiction city, inside another city. He showed me to appreciated the beauty among the buildings of this fallen and post-industrial place. After I started collecting stamps, I was wondering if Bentencho got any, and yes It did. After I found it, I saw the artist caught on the stamp the nature of the place.

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