lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Hamamatsu no Hanko

I got this stamp during my incredible adventure by train departing from Osaka, through most of the island of Honshu and Hokkaido. Actually and unfortunately, I never visited Hamamatsu, I just changed my train there to continue to Nagoya. I said unfortunately, because even if I could visit just the station, due to the lack of time, Hamamatsu is a city with a long history, amazing landscape that includes sand dunes and a fantastic castle. But the best af all are its numerous festivals, the most important "Hamamatsu Festival", held from May 3 through May 5 each year, which is call Takoage Gassen or the kite fight, this festival originated 430 years ago, when the lord Hamamatsu castle celebrated the birth of his first son by flying kites. If you visit the city at the festival's time, you would enjoy amazing traditional music, the city full decorated, and the best, hundred of kites, fighting to be the last remaining on the air.

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