domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Osaka-stamps. 3-Umeda

Umeda is the central business area in Osaka, is located in Kita-ku, the north area of the city, the other part would me Minami-ku (the south area), where I used to live the harsh place, which nucleo is Namba. If Namba would be the tough area, Umeda is the chick place, where you can find all the branch shops and sophisticated cafeterias and Isakayas. Umeda is the place you want to go If you live in Osaka to buy the newest comic or book, go to cool museums, expositions or if you wanna go to discos and refined clubs. The stamp represents The Osaka City Central Public Hall, located very closed to the Dojima river, an excellent place to walk in autumn, when the yellow leaves of the maples are all around.

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