domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Osaka-Stamps: Bunraku national theater

Bunraku is a traditional theater performanced by puppeteers, who dressed in black on a black wall trying to not being seen, to focus the attention of the public on the puppets that they moved, the real protagonists of bunraku. Bunraku is also known as Ningyo yorure. and was originated in Osaka in the Edo Period. Osaka is indeed the main center for Bunraku, even if the troupe give shows in other places, Osaka is the place to see this tradiional art, at national Bunraku theater Kokuritsu Bunraku Gekijō. They make four or five shows a year in Osaka, just during few weeks, after they will go to Tokyo for a few shows and after they go also abroud, until the next year who will start the prformance again in Osaka. I had the oportunity to be invited in advanced for a japanese colleage at my school in Osaka. I have to say that I loved the show, even I couldnt understand very well the japanese speech puppeteers that were using, very old and kind of weird, the play was very visual, mostly I understood the story, love, romance, betrayal, revenge, death, and all those concepts that make the human condition, mixed of course with the delicated dramatism of japanese culture, I had the impression to be in the middle of something very old and deep, just the building transported you to an older age. I got the stamp in the hall of bunraku theater, they were showing a whole collection in the same stand, of course I stamped all, but I show here just one of them, is it cool, isn't?.

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